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Is Church Your Sweatpants?

I love sweatpants. I don’t know who invented them but if they were here right now, I would hug them. My husband always said he wished he had invented a “Get Dressed” machine. You know, you enter a tube- like contraption and POOF- you come out completely dressed, groomed and ready to head out the door. I’m sure he would have made a fortune if he had followed through. They probably had one on The Jetson’s, but they always wore the same outfit.

Anyway, back to sweatpants. After coming home from a long day at work, the first thing I did was change into sweats and a tee shirt and lose the shoes. Ah, the bliss of getting into those baggy, well-worn sweatpants. See, its’ all about being comfortable.

I get that same feeling when coming to church-a sense of bliss and well-worn comfort. Now, I don’t wear sweatpants to church. I could, but you get my drift. It is our mission to make everyone feel comfortable. Coming to church without being hampered by rules and doctrines and other things akin to those darn stuffy work clothes.

After all, we are family and we should always be comfortable sitting down with family, Right?

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