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Image by Andrew Neel

New Logo Explained

The development of the new website for The Spiritualist Church of Indianapolis (TSCOI) prompted a new logo design. Some might wonder why the change from the sunflower? Well, the sunflower is still very much a part of the website and remains significant for Spiritualism. You may notice sunflowers spread out on the new website, in fact there are four photos that grace the home page alone if you look closely.

Brad Perdue, TSCOI's technology lead, had a vision for the website. However, the design took a 180-degree turn, incorporating a new color palette and emphasizing our motto of "Spiritual Growth Through Sharing." As Brad was working on these Spirit-inspired elements, he noticed the sunflowers were no longer the main focus. They became a subtle addition unlike the old website. When Brad saw this logo option, it was a perfect fit, like a lightbulb going off. The colors, angles, and arrows just seemed to fit into the design.

Here is what Spirit shared about this logo and the reason it was picked.

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