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Image by Andrew Neel

The Buffet of Life

When the word buffet is mentioned most people think of a wide variety of foods and all you can eat. Ponder this thought. Life is like a buffet. There have been and continue to be a wide variety of experiences to try since your birth. Exotic places in our imagination and overflowing opportunities for new friendships and strong bonds are always on the menu.

Some may say their buffet table is sparse or absent of delight. What if I told you there is an endless buffet available to each of us to partake in that will nourish our mind, our body, and our soul. It is the great buffet of life which includes healthy food to fuel our body, knowledge to strengthen our mind, and a divine guidance system to build our soul.

There are many teachers, mentors, and friends who can help you to overcome challenges so that you can reach your full potential. These guiding influences will help you to enhance your personal, professional, and spiritual life through increased awareness.

It is when we take action to commit to understanding the full scope of what we are given, both positive and negative, we will see major shifts in awareness physically, mentally and spiritually. I know that when I am making better choices for myself I feel better and thus I will be of more service and value to myself and others.

To start enjoying the great buffet of life I suggest you become aware of what you are taking into your being and how it is making you feel. The lesson to be learned is to appreciate what is on your buffet table NOW and to make choices to create abundance for yourself and others. Whether you are someone who has followed your chosen path from an early age or someone that has sampled a little bit of this and a little bit of that, there’s always room to open yourself up to trying new moments of light that your life has to offer.

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