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Healing Stones

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Image by Andrew Neel

In Love

When we are “in love,” all undertakings are possible. Our energy feels buoyant. Not only do we love other persons, we also love ourselves, our sacred space, the world around us, and the tomorrows ahead of us. Our inner self says this is the way I am supposed to feel about me. In this reality we are connecting to our truer selves and to a deeper reality that surrounds us. The wonder and beauty of the wholeness and perfection that comes with this spiritual high, is the closest and most sustained experience we will recognize as heaven on earth.

Be aware that transcendent love is pure and unveiled and is the truest form of unconditional love that underlies our very existence. Love is the fabric of our being. It is what forms us – you and me. There are many ways of becoming aware of your powerful life force. Access, it now. Take a deep breath. Still your mind and body. Focus your thoughts on the area of your heart. Hold your attention there until your mind slows down. Love can arise as a subtle fiber or a full-flowing stream. Let it be. It is so.

1. Still your body 2. Bring your mind to calm 3. Breathe…..ahhhhhhh 4. Be aware 5. Convey a grateful heart

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