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What is the Focus of Your Batteries?

Updated: May 4, 2023

In 1989 we were introduced to the coolest, pinkest, most energetic toy bunny that promoted batteries. Clad in sandals, shades, and pink fur. The fuzzy mascot would roll through, equipped with a bass drum and enough power to “keep going and going…” The Energizer Bunny has become the recognized icon for anything or anyone that continues endlessly or that has immense stamina.

The concept of our being an energizer bunny is unimaginable for many; yet we are one in the same. It’s important to understand that everything is energy and energy cannot be created or destroyed. It just exists and is in constant motion. The true nature and potential of energy within and without the spaces surrounding us is an ever-unfolding mystery.

The terminals of the ever-living battery are located within the greater mind. The subconscious mind programs behaviors while the conscious mind creates experiences that are relayed back through energy pulses to the subconscious. Likewise, the subconscious is the connection to infinite intelligence (higher power), an endless creative battery source.

The attitudes, behaviors, beliefs, and thoughts we have, control the energy that is received and projected. The negative energy we promote from the space of fear, anxiety, worry, and stress. Once recognized can be repurposed into positive life-confirming lessons. By taking notice and shifting into a space of appreciation one can then promote calm. And in that space, the conscious mind will shift into receiving a higher rate of creative flow that keeps going.

Rev. Jackie Reeves

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