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Image by Andrew Neel

TSCOI Member's Elect New Board Members For 2022

On Sunday, April 3rd The Spiritualist Church of Indianapolis held its annual membership meeting. Each year, the church's bylaws require a member's meeting to be held for its members to understand the business of the church and elect any open board seats.

Two open seats needed to be filled for this coming year. One is a Vice president and Secretary. The secretary position was once again filled by Angel Radford. Current Trustee Priscilla Luellen was voted in as our new Vice President.

As Priscilla Luellen starts her new vice president role an open trustee seat. The members then voted on the open trustee position which was filled by Tim Phipps.

Left to right Front: Priscilla Luellen, Angel Radford, Rev. Barbara Gentry

Left to right Back: Linda Massey, Tim Phipps, Rev. Bonnie Darby As you see the new board members at church, congratulate them on their positions. The new board looks forward to serving its members and the church community in the coming year. Just like before, they will work hard to make TSCOI the member's church and do everything they can to welcome everyone into our community.

The board's vision for the coming year includes utilizing technology to further our services and class offerings. If you have any ideas on class offerings or other ways TSCOI can help you on your spiritual path please reach out to one of the board members at church or use our Contact page on the website.

If you are interested in becoming a member of The Spiritualist Church of Indianapolis please see a board member at church.

Written by Brad Perdue.

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