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TSCOI joins Instagram

In these digital times, writing a letter and sending it in the mail is almost unheard of these days. Even making a phone call is not popular anymore, it is almost a last resort of instant communication for many generations now. Everything has turned to an electronic form of communicating, most notibly social media.

Did you know the first social media site was born in 1997? One of the first true social media sites,, you could set up a profile page, create lists of connections, and send messages within networks. In 2003 Myspace was launched. In 2006, Myspace was the most visited website on the internet.

In 2004 Facebook went live by Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook has over 1 billion users. Founded in 2006, Twitter was a microblogging site. By 2020 22% of U.S. adults were Twitter users, according to Pew Research. Then, in 2010 Instagram was started as as photo sharing site. It became popular really quickly. Facebook bought them in 2012 and has 1 billion users.

Up until now The Spiritualist Church of Indianapolis had a website, blog, Facebook page, a Facebook group, and a Twitter account. It did not make much sense to have an Instagram account until now. With the ability to use our website to share things to the different social platforms in one place, now feels like the right time to reach other spiritualists on the Instagram platform. If you have an Instagram account and would like to follow the church as well, the Instagram handle is tscoi_nsac. You can also see it using this link.


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