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Healing Stones

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Image by Andrew Neel

The Sunflower

When I see a sunflower, I experience many uplifting energies as a gardener, a naturalist, and a spiritualist.

As a gardener experiencing its presence it lifts my spirits because they are bright and cheery and as warm and inviting as the warm summer sun. The florets are many and comprise multi layers within its many structures. They stand tall and proud as guardians.

As a naturalist I observe the inter relationships between plants, animals, and the elements and how they are constantly adapting. I am amazed at this flower’s strong structural stems, massive flower heads, bright colors, and movements. The sunflower seeds are packed full of nectar, making them a great treat for bees as well as nourishment for us. Recognizing this life-giving essence promotes harmony within my spiritual and physical being.

As a spiritualist it symbolizes my knowing of the power and trust of Infinite Intelligence and the unyielding laws of nature and spiritual vibrations. Like the sunflower, which rests upon a strong stalk, spiritualism provides a solid foundation on which to build a firm faith based on universal truths. Soon the planting of seeds will begin. Consider planting this amazing plant and listen to the wisdom it imparts.

Rev. Jackie Reeves

As the sunflower turns it face to the light of the sun, so Spiritualism turns the face of humanity to the light of Truth.

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