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Image by Andrew Neel

The Law of Consciousness

Look about you and what do you see, hear or feel? Is there undesirable stuff all about you? I am sure you have better terms than I can repeat here for what you perceive. How does your world rock for you these days?

Let me share a tidbit that will rattle your world a bit more. The Law of Consciousness, the real law that does not change for any person or situation, states that our outer world reflects our inner world. All those moments you are experiencing of dis-ease may be coming from within you. Wow! How helpful is that as you growl and grumble at all the crazy stuff that comes to your attention throughout your waking hours? For some it is 24/7!!!

Where is your attention drawn to as you take a quick inventory of your space, your life, your

choices? Dig deep until you find a lot of good stuff as well way down in there somewhere. If

the dive is too dark take a friend with you. They will, as your friend see the good stuff for sure.

And for the longer term, I promise you that as you pay attention and respond to your authentic inner voice your perception of the external world will shift. How that will happen is based on another law. The Law of Cause-and-Effect which states that for every effect there is a definite cause. In other words, for every action, there will always be an equal and opposite reaction.

Think about a teeter-totter with your conscious mind as the fulcrum and your inner and outer

realities at each end of the plant. As you focus on the inner world the outer world is gives way to the thoughts and feelings you create. As you focus on the inner you it will cause a ripple effect on your outer world that will lead you to find new ways of creating “balance”.


Rev. Jackie Reeves

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