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Shaping Our Energies By Growing Inward

Updated: May 4, 2023

Have you noticed? There is a mixed bag of energies enveloping our environments because of rapid changes that are impacting our daily thoughts, communities, and overall health. This keeps many of us on a threshold of unease.

Stop for a moment and take a breath slowly and quietly. There is no race to run, no mountain to scale, no magic elixir to prepare to save us all. The reality is that we see and interpret the world based on a constellation of personal values, beliefs, assumptions, desires, and relationships. Our level of self-esteem and secret biases all play a role in shaping our worldview.

For example, living in Indiana during the late fall is much different than a person living in

Ukraine or Argentina or Rome, or Hawaii, or... Did you notice images popping in your head as you thought of these places. Take a trip around the world and see what shows up in your thoughts about living day to day in places culturally, environmentally, and socially different than yours.

Unlike cultural or economic forces that changed who you were as your brain was developing and maturing over time, these aspects of your personality are yours to manage. Despite your natural inclination, you can choose to value yourself, to make smart choices, and to favor equality knowing everyone’s worldview is different and just as challenging to prosper within as yours. Understanding that we are one big global family experiencing change every day is a powerful tool. Grow inward to your higher wisdom and the changes outward will be less daunting, I promise you.

“Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding.” – Albert Einstein


Rev. Jackie Reeves

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