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Scripture, What is it Good For?

In teaching someone a lesson, it is important to present the information in an understandable and relatable format. It must come in a way that the person will identify with and be able to visualize. The lesson, then, becomes meaningful and is able to be put to practical use in their lives.

This format of instruction was used during ancient times, as well as it is today. Scripture and the Bible stories are prime examples of this teaching method. The Bible stories were written for people of that time period, using themes that everyone at that time, could relate to and understand. Many of the stories and instances in the Bible, therefore, are less historical as they are instructional.

If the same lessons were trying to be taught to us in this day and age, the stories would be different. They would contain different themes and characters and offer us different heroes that we can identify with to be able to understand the true meaning of the story in our lives.

So we could ask the question then, “What are scriptures good for in our lives today? Even though the stories and characters are of ancient times, the basic truths of behavior and spirituality are still very much relevant to us in this time period. We can still glean the knowledge of what was trying to be taught and still use it in our lives today.

The Bible is like a classic encyclopedia. The information is valid and timeless. However, it is not a historical record as it is a teaching tool. We must remember to be able to take from these stories the meanings that are relevant to us personally. We can then use these truths to guide us through our human lives and spiritual adventures.

Blessings and Love,

Reverend Bob

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