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Healing Stones

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Updated: May 4, 2023

The start of a new year means a new birth-a time when we can look forward to new and exciting things in our lives and put the past of what may have been a less-than-great year behind us.

It is the perfect time to look within and renew our sense of oneness-connecting with all mankind. In these busy and yes, hectic times, how do we begin to find the connection?

Start by taking a deep breath, closing your eyes, and envision the world how you want it to be. Envision neighbors helping neighbors in good times and bad. Envision all children laughing and playing together in harmony.

Children who have enough food to eat, safe water to drink, and a warm place to sleep without being afraid. Envision people of all nations holding hands encircling the earth like the old coca cola commercial of years ago “living in perfect harmony.” Envision that each person on earth lets God speak through him or her allowing nothing but pure love

and compassion to rule.

Envision no boundary that this love and compassion cannot overcome. Envision there is no separation between man and woman, sister and brother, parent and child, regardless of race, color, sex, religion, or creed. Envision no war, no hatred, no prejudice-just peace, and love.

When we allow ourselves to be filled with loving thoughts, we are declaring a oneness in spirit with all mankind. So, in this new year, renew in spirit to spread love and peace throughout the world as you are one with all humanity.

Rev. Sharon Bianchi

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