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Healing Stones

Get closer to God by expanding your understanding and knowledge of Spirituality, Spiritualism, and Mediumship.

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Ramping Up Your Inner Power

Friends, I reach out to you because I know, as an energy worker, you are vibrating with much love for all people during the turbulent time. Many are enduring hardships that we cannot begin to imagine. Countless are frightened. Roll up your sleeves and buckle up that seat belt, it is a time to live our higher truths.

The stay at home order requires us to remain at home unless there is a need to leave for an essential job or essential activity. Wow! Even so, my spirit is not home bound!

What do you say? Ready to ramp up your inner awareness? Set aside time individually or in groups to quiet the mind, release all fear, and join many who are in prayer and or loving thought to strengthen the call for the healing light to shine to all. I said ALL without reservation.

Prayer for Spiritual Healing

I ask the Great Unseen Healing Force

To remove all obstructions from my mind and body

And to restore me to perfect health.

I ask this in all sincerity and honesty

And I will do my part.

I ask this Great Unseen Healing Force

To help both present and absent ones

Who are in need of help

And to restore them to perfect health.

I put my trust in the love and power of God.

Ramping up your inner power is about balancing your awareness of who you are and your connection to others, your passion, your love, and always the spiritual life force that is the true awesome you. If you are not confident, call for help from the unseen side such as: God, the Christ, the Buddha, other spiritual masters, light beings, angelic beings, your ancestors or others you know who walk in the light of truth. All requests are answered.

Still not feeling your power. Let me remind you that thought, prayer, intentions, blessings, etc. influence outcomes. Wellness is not only a state of physical health, it is also a state of mind. The mind and body are completely integrated. You have all the ingredients to slay this because selfless action releases endorphins in the brain, producing a positive feeling known as the “helper’s high.” Oxytocin is also released when we practice giving. Oxytocin induces feelings of euphoria and connection to others. People on an ‘oxytocin high’ (meditation high will work) can also jump-start a “virtuous circle, where one person’s generous behavior triggers another’s.”

We also know that we rise by lifting others. Our souls grow and find happiness when we give to others. In fact, we are wired to be compassionate and kind. It is a genetic necessity for human survival. The trust, connection, and cooperation created through giving, creates community, restores the lonely hearts and brings joy.

Rev. Jackie Reeves

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