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Life’s Expectations

Updated: May 4, 2023

Viktor Frankel said, “Ask not what you can expect from life, ask what life expects from you.”

When we are young growing up in our parent’s home, we don’t think much about our life and what we plan to do with our life. When we graduate high school and head off to college or a job, we begin to consider our future and what we hope to get out of life.

We desire a great job that pays well doing something we love, a nice place to live, a refrigerator stocked with plenty of food to eat, and hopefully, someone to share our life with for true happiness.

When we expect all these things in our adult life, we often find ourselves disappointed when we aren’t getting what we desire. But, in order to receive all the things we expect life to give us, what are we giving in return? As an example, if you are not getting the job you desire because of the economy, or the lack of availability at this time, are you asking yourself what you can give ?

Could you be volunteering your time and energy helping others find what they need or desire to help with their life’s expectations? Are you blessed with enough food to eat? Do you help work a soup kitchen or help stock a food pantry to give to others?

Those you help will be blessed by your attention and you will be blessed in return. When you volunteer yourself, you not only gain experience but can make contacts who may guide you to that dream job. Just hoping you will get what you want never works out does it?

We enter adulthood with the attitude instilled in us that we must “get out there and go for it” to get ahead in life. We spend our time working to get ahead and we forget or don’t see the need to give life something in return.

It is a simple Natural Law, you must give to receive. When we give encouragement and guidance to others, we will receive guidance and encouragement when we need it. When we give love to others, we will receive love in return.

In truth, most of us don’t always get the job of our dreams, or the big expensive house, or the ability to take luxurious vacations. But, life will provide us with all we need for happiness and joy when we are willing to give to others in return for all the blessings we have been given and those yet to come.

If you are not getting out of life what you expected to get, take time to review how you can give back to life and make a change. You are one of Life’s expectations.

Reverend Sharon Bianchi

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