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Healing Stones

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Image by Andrew Neel

Judgment – The Word For Today

Right or wrong, good or bad, light or dark, sweet or sour, high or low, happy or sad, up or down, sharp or smooth, tough or tender, loud or quiet, late or early, short or tall, narrow or wide, expressed or compressed, forward or backward, the list is endless --all potentially leading us head first into a wall that will block our momentum unless – upon inner awareness, we observe, feel the vibration and then proceed to accept, adjust, and allow the inner truth to expand the wisdom of every moment to moment “living in the now perceived reality.

Yesterday’s memories do not hold power over us unless we allow them to stand tall and wide and block our view of our own awesome self. Hope for tomorrow’s dreams offer opportunities to adjust, expand, calibrate, and generate the vibrational energy to manifest a better Now – starting in the moment – the true place of our existence.

Many words that house feelings of wisdom are available to stimulate our inner self. Embracing those feelings will awaken the harmonic vibrations that sustain our creative nature, be it a just-right delicious sandwich, a simple stack of balanced rocks, a new melody running through our thoughts, or a kind way to help another carry their burden, all of which are creative expressions to stimulate, activate, and impact the greater universes for every life known or unknown.

Be conscious of your power to cocreate and deliberately promote, contribute, share and or release vibrations of love that jolly well makes everyone’s opportunity to exponentially absorb and heal from the infinite loving equation that is formed around every person everywhere.

Much love

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