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Interview with Author Rev. Bonine Darby of TSCOI As She Releases Her New Book Soul Memories

The Spiritualist Church of Indianapolis is excited to share with you an introduction of Rev. Bonnie Darby's new book:

Soul Memories– Past Life Wisdom for Current Life Enlightenment

Brad Perdue, past president of the The Spiritualist Church of Indianapolis talks with Rev. Bonnie Darby to give you a sneak peak of what to expect when you pick up your copy on Amazon starting August 4th.

Brad: What can you tell us about the book?

Bonnie: The subject can be wrapped in the sentence: Who were you in your past life, and how does that life impact you now?

Soul Memories – Past Life Wisdom for Current Life Enlightenment – presents a candid snapshot of fascinating past lives of people for whom Bonnie Darby has provided readings. Darby shares how the experiences from previous lives influence their current incarnations.

Everyone retains permanent soul memories that have a profound influence on their current experiences. Your permanent soul memory consists of the learning you’ve received during all of your lifetimes. Within you are the answers to such questions as your purpose, solutions to struggles or obstacles, and the reasons why you are drawn to specific people.

Her experiences as an Ordained Spiritualist Minister and recognized Certified Medium prove that life is continuous. Your true essence is that of a beautiful soul. You are an eternal being living a human existence. As a Soul Reader, Bonnie has discovered a path to living a more peaceful and harmonious existence. Allow her to gently guide you to explore your own chosen inner path as you embrace the stories within Soul Memories.

Brad: What was your inspiration for the book?

Bonnie: I was at a convention in Tampa, Florida having a rather trying day when I met up with a book promoter Randy Peyser, CEO of Author One Stop. Randy was interested in visiting Lily Dale Spiritualist Camp. During our conversation about Lily Dale, adding my experience as a medium, trance medium and past life reporter; the question simply came out of my mouth "was that a topic people would be interested in reading". Randy expressed that she could sell that book and so the journey began.

My true inspiration came from spirit or my own soul urge or both. As happens so often in my life I was at the right place at the right time to connect with the right people guiding me to fulfill my inner desire to write. I have for many years had the desire to write. I have received past life reports indicating my soul urge was to write. I have written a few articles, published a booklet titled Spiritualism My Way of Life but this project felt much bigger; it took me a year and a half to complete.

Brad: What surprised you most about writing this book?

Bonnie: This has been an awesome experience. There have been low points in my mental attitude and amazing highs. A low point in the process was fear of success. In my state of anxiety, I asked spirit if this is what I am to do then give me a sign. Now a high point of being a published author was when my great granddaughter saw this book with my name on it. Her eyes got big, her face lit up and she said, “you wrote this and published it”. I knew in that moment I had achieved success because I was a living example to her that anyone can reach their goals, dreams, and desires.

Brad: How will it help others to read it?

Bonnie: My purpose in writing this book is to allow readers to expand their minds to our unlimited being and soul. I desire readers to be curious, to seek, to search for whatever resonates with them. I desire people to understand we are all connected so every thought we think, every action we take, effects the whole of humanity. I desire readers to understand the Divine is within all of us however you believe.

Brad: Will we see more books in the future?

Bonnie: Yes! I am already formulating what's next!

Rev. Bonnie Darby will be bringing copies of her book to church service on August 2nd and you can purchase your copy at church!

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