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Image by Andrew Neel

How Deep Are You Roots?

Each year we look forward to the end of winter and the beginning of spring. We head outdoors, plant flowers and trees, maybe put in a vegetable garden. We work the soil and place the plant or seed into the soil so the roots will be deep and firm.

We know that for these plants to grow they must be able to withstand the rain and high winds that spring storms bring and remain standing and not be washed out or damaged. These plants or trees are only as strong as their roots-roots that spread out in the darkness, silently working to give life. If the root is deep and strong, they will give us something beautiful and tall.

Humans are a lot like plants and trees in that respect. We face storms all the time and when one storm ends, another will eventually come along to see if we can withstand the force. It’s that time between storms when we make the decision on how we will grow.


Have we planted strong, deep roots allowing us to grow tall and strong and beautiful?

Deep roots require little to produce a lot. For our roots to be deep and strong we must have love. We must be courageous and stand up proud. We must show compassion even when it may be hard to do.

The thing about roots is when nurtured and watered and loved, they spread. With the strength of our own deep roots, we can withstand any storm that comes our way.

Reverend Sharon Bianchi

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