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Healing Stones

Get closer to God by expanding your understanding and knowledge of Spirituality, Spiritualism, and Mediumship.

Image by Andrew Neel

Healing Meditation

On Sunday, October 11th Brad Perdue lead church members through a healing meditation. Here is the meditation for you to record or use yourself. Brad heard this Meditation on the New Spirit Radio Show Podcast and that particular podcast can be found here:

One of the biggest ways spiritualists use to stay healthy and self heal is by meditation.

Lets now get into a comfortable place and go through a deep healing meditation: (during this meditation it is important that you stay with me and don’t skip ahead.)

Two big deep breaths and relax.

As you start to relax your body you will place the white light of the Holy Spirit around you. We now ask our angels to come over you and provide healing.

Around the white light put a layer of gold light representing higher knowledge.

Around the gold light put a layer of purple light representing spirituality.

Then a layer of emerald green around that for healing.

So white light, a layer of Gold light, a layer of purple, and then a layer of Emerald green.

We ask Mother and Father God, the Christ Consciousness and loved ones to come surround us. As they come in we feel the room with their presence and energy.

We are now going to thread and work the green light though our bodies, but stay with me and don’t jump ahead.

You now feel that green light starting at your toes and working its way through your feet. As we go stop and lather that green energy on any area that has chronic pain or a place you want to focus extra healing.

It is now into your ankles and into chins, to your knees. Focus a lot of green energy on your knee joins.

Now it is going into your thighs, into your waist and root chakra area, into the intestinal system.

Any negativity we have taken in from this life or a past live be absorbed by the green light.

We are now going into the liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen. Now to the Kidneys.

Let's now focus on the adrenal glands to help us with energy.

Now we will focus on the spinal column from the cervical nerve ending to the tailbone.

Now let's focus on the heart and lungs. Breathing easier and deeply, heart rate regular, blood vessels opening and supplying blood to the rest of the body. Blood pressure is now normal

We now lather that green energy into the stomach area.

Now we will focus on things that we are doing in excess to hurt our bodies, like too much caffeine, over eating, smoking, etc. Whatever you want to get rid of.

Now say in your mind after me: Anything that I am taking into my body, that is harmful to me, It is now like I never did it, it doesn’t exist, I don’t need it anymore.

Now we will focus the green light on the throat, neck, and shoulders.

Arms, hands, and fingers. Face, teeth, gums, sinuses

Now to focus on the mind: Say after me, From this moment on, I want my emotion and intellect cemented together.

This is to help anxiety and emotions.

Now imagine a silver tube of silver light it is standing tall above your head and it comes down into the top of your head down to your toes.

As it is inside you it will send off sparks of energy directly from God.

Now open your mind to knowledge and repeat after me: I am a seeker of Knowledge, I am a temple of God, No one can take that away from me, and lastly I am in control of me.

We are now taking a walk in a meadow, you are barefoot and wearing relaxing clothes,

Feel the grass below your feet, the sun and breeze.

We now feel young, rejuvenated.

In front of you, you start seeing brown blocks forming one block says phobias, one says illnesses, another says insecurities. Now keep stacking up bricks of things that are fears or insecurities, regrets, for you. That conversation that keeps playing over in your head of Why did I not do that, I should've could've, would've. Lastly, emotions that are in your mind that need to be released. There might be 10 or there might be dozens, that is ok, let them stack up. (wait a minute or so)

You now have a brick wall of these emotions that you have released in front of you.

We are now going to use the power of that silver tube. You can imagine it like a sword or arrow inside you and you reach back and a copy of that tube appears in your hand but when you bring your arm in front of you the silver tube is in a ball the size of a baseball, it is silver glowing with energy. You can make it into any shape. Think of how the Green Lantern harnesses the energy to make whatever shape and object he needs. This silver tube is like that for you. You can turn the silver tube into what you need.

We are now going to take that sliver baseball and throw it at the brick wall. It may not have knocked it over, but it made a dent, so you make another ball and throw another, and you keep throwing more balls at the wall, you see it is starting to crack and as you become more determined with more force and energy as you keep throwing more silver balls. You nice the wall is starting to crack, crumble and fall, now get one more silver ball and expand it to the size of a basketball. Throw it really hard and the wall falls down and the bricks disintegrate into dust.

A breeze kicks up and blows all of the dust from the bricks away.

You are like a phoenix rising out of the ashes, feeling awesome, healed, blessed, alive, restored.

It is now time to come back, but leave the silver tube with you, that is your gift from God and you keep it with you always.

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