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Healing Stones

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Updated: May 4, 2023

When you wake up in the morning do you envision how your day will go before it even gets started? Will it be chaotic, stressful and challenging or will it be “golden?”

By golden, I mean a day where everything goes perfect. You wake up feeling refreshed looking forward to what the day will bring you. You catch all green lights heading to work and right before your eyes, the perfect parking space appears.

And the day gets better-a problem you have struggled with suddenly shows a clear solution you had not thought of previously. That worrisome car repair turns out to be a minor issue. These are things that may not seem important but every day can be a golden day when you are living in awareness of your own spirituality.

Never forget that we are divine! Our inner divinity is real for it is through the spirit within us that all things are possible. Your attitude reflects how your day will go and how others will perceive you. You can wake up a grumpy old grouch that keeps others away or you can be the light that draws others to you making both your day and theirs golden.

Now, let’s be honest. Not every day will be a golden day but that does not mean that we can’t turn a not- so- great day into a golden day by letting that inner spiritual light shine with kindness, thoughtfulness, and gratitude for the life we have been given.

Keep that old Coca Cola commercial in mind and strive to live in “perfect harmony” and watch how many golden days you enjoy. Life enjoyed!

Rev Sharon Bianchi

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