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God Is Working With Us

Updated: May 4, 2023

God, Infinite Intelligence or Universal Energy is the Divine Force that keeps our expanding universe in balance. It is the binding force that keeps all natural and spiritual laws operating correctly.

As we know, Natural Law is the natural function of any given action to come to its natural conclusion. It is a very large universe and a very large job for an infinite power to keep everything in sync. So with so much to do, what does God mean to us in our everyday lives, on this dot in space we call Earth?

Do we really expect the Infinite Power to take time out to address some of our personal issues that we continually pray for? Do we expect God to be so involved in our physical live that It would act to make sure we have enough money, or are always happy, or help us find a new job or lost purse or wallet? Well, frankly, yes, we do. But does the Infinite work in this manner?

When we ask for Divine Guidance, we are in effect touching with our God Self and Inner Spirit to act in accordance with our desires and release within ourselves the ability to manifest the result of our desires. We make things happen in our lives because we have the ability to manifest and create our lives, our dreams and our destinies. Once we make any decision the wheels of Natural Law begin to spin to the natural conclusion of this decision.

We then must deal with the consequences of our decisions. Even when me do not make a decision, Natural Law still works to produce the effect of not making a decision on a matter. Either way WE produce the results by our action or inaction on any given matter.

We need to stop looking for a Divine Power to help us in our daily lives realizing that we are a part of the Divine Power, and so, we have the ability to unlock the answers to our lives. Let’s let God, Infinite Intelligence, keep creation in balance allowing us to do our job and keep ourselves in balance. Remember, the strongest God Power in your life is YOU. Blessings!

Reverend Bob Bianchi

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