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Brain Wave Changes & How Does That Happen?

Updated: May 4, 2023

What happens when a medium starts getting messages from the other side? Hollywood Medium Tyler Henry had a brain scan showing his brain waves before a reading and again during a reading. The results are very intriguing to examine.

Tyler Henry posted this graph on Twitter (Link). As you can see, the Delta waves during the reading is greatly changed. As TSCOI member Brad Perdue saw this post from Tyler, he wondered what exactly was the driving force in making this change and reached out to Tyler for his thoughts. The exact question that as sent to Tyler: When you think about this intuitively, do you think this change in brain activity is done by your physical body, your spirit guides, or by the spirits who come in to communicate?

Brad received a pretty quick reply from Henry in reference to his question. Here is Tyler's response: Spirit guides, 100%. That is very interesting information to learn as we all research and gain knowledge about not only the spirit world, but how a medium is able to communicate with the other side. It seems that our spirit guides have a very big hand in helping our physical bodies change to be able to communicate with Spirit. If you are a medium, be sure to thank your spirit guides for all they do to make it possible.

TSCOI hopes Tyler is able to continue his involvement with scientists to get an even better understanding on how mediumship and other spiritual gifts work. Would it not be amazing to know and understand the physical changes the body goes through and possibly understand how that can be utilized to broaden our learning, healing, mental health, and connecting with Spirit.

Thank you Tyler for helping us all gain a little more understand about what is happening during a reading. Here is the full Twitter communication.

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