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As Within, So Without

Updated: May 4, 2023

Our happiness and well being is dependent on how we grow and develop in both our inner world and our outer world.

Some live only in the outer world or external world. Our thoughts and actions are focused solely on material things, getting ahead, or social status. This is living in a world of appearance or illusion only not reality.

It is living in the inner world along with the outer world that we achieve balance in our lives. It is the unseen, the unspoken, the beauty, the potential within each of us that makes us truly alive and active participants in our lives.

No matter how busy we are or how successful we become, how many friends we make or activities we participate in, without our inner world, our strength, our peace, we can’t build a meaningful life.

Being kind, compassionate, thoughtful, and loving to others will make us happy and successful and this comes from our inner self working with the outer self.

We are spirit born into the physical and love, mercy, patience, and loyalty are what is real not how much we can acquire in material things or the drive for success and fortune.

As we work to grow and develop spiritually, do we let our inner spirit lead us or do we fall back on letting the outer world take the lead?

By relating the inner to the outer we integrate the spiritual and the physical allowing us to live a beautiful and purposeful life relegating our experiences in the outer world as a true reflection of what is coming from within us.

Be recognized for the inner spirit you are and not for the outer things that you may do. Others will be drawn to your light.

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