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The Yin and the Yang

Yin Yang is perhaps the most known and documented concept used within Taoism; Two halves that together complete wholeness. Yin and yang are also the starting point for

change. When something is whole, by definition, it’s unchanging and complete. So, when you split something into two halves – yin/yang, it upsets the equilibrium of wholeness. Both halves are chasing after each other as they seek a new balance with each other.

Freewill originates when our own finite consciousness diverges from infinite intelligence (Creator). When One splits into Two, the second eventually encounters the first and can either say “I respect you, friend” or “Get out of my way!” — it’s a matter of choice, and that is the archetypal origin of good and evil. We see it enacted in families when a child, in seeking to establish its identity, starts seeing the parent as an obstacle and therefore rebels. Whether the “self” chooses positive or negative, either path will contain equal potential for personal growth.

This duality of positive and negative comes from freewill and each person’s ability to perceive their reality through their awareness filters. Rumi’s wisdom reminds us of the power of choice we have:

The world exists as you perceive it. It is not what you see, it is how you see it. It is not what you hear, but how you hear it. It is not what you feel, but how you feel it.

However as Carl Jung says, “no tree, it is said can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell,” which means that we live in a world of paradox and it’s important to make peace with that paradox and find its sweet spot. One way of doing that is to realize, that we have an inner stillness, that has never been disturbed and never will be. This inner system is our essence… even when it seems not to be. Daily attuning to the higher frequency, along with daily clearing of old limiting beliefs are essential to our well-being. If you are trying to be “good” only to find yourself losing ground, rejoice! When you see “opposition” as a sign of your transformational journey to higher ground, the Yang will become much more visible and the feeling of balance will fill you with peace.

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